A good day to all who visit. i built this site to be an open space for creativity. A space where I could make the most random thing my strange mind can come up, and put up to see if it strikes someone's fancy. (Which, has happened, believe it or not.) My biggest thing I sell is resin stuff. From usable pens, pencil holders, pendants, jewelry, ghosts that glow in the dark, jewelry boxes, dragons (Lots and lot's of dragons) All of which are food safe, water resistant, and will bounce if you accidentally drop it on a carpeted floor. (And now, I myself have tried, but breaking one in half? Takes an act of god.) Second I make SVG files, also known to most people as decals for cars, laptops, and whatever else strikes your fancy. I make mostly character ones, but I can make others in just a few minutes. Lastly is my sewing, which should really be first, but I've gotten so behind. I'm a registered seamstress. I can make just about anything given enough time. I make mostly cosplay now a days, but for conventions I like making kids capes so they feel all cool with one with something they like on it.


I am a jack-of-all-trades, to be honest. I do other stuff too, but, we can always get to that later. I'm just happy you're here, and I hope you find something you love.

UPDATE: I now have an Etsy account; PandaSquishy38 Only have a few items on it so far, but I'm getting more soon. So check it out please!

Why I created this site

Getting started. This website is for those who can't find such items anywhere else. I want to make people happy with the one of a kind items I create, and help people create their own with the files I sell. This site is because other sites don't see what I have to offer. Because I know I do indeed have a lot of offer people. To make them happy, and smile, and get something nobody else will ever have.

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