Learn About The Maker

So this is me. First and foremost; I'm a crafter. I sew, do resin, crochet, make decals, make cosplay props, make clay art, make jewelry, and a few more things. I'm a jack-of-all-trades!


So how do I sell? Well, I'm just getting this site up and running well, so not too well at the moment, but I sell at 2-3 conventions each year and that really gets the sales going. You can always find the ones I'm going to on my front page. Mostly I sell a LOT of resin pieces at these conventions, but other things sell great too. Like I'm making some kids' capes this year, and hopefully someone will love them like I do.


Now me? You really want to know about me? I'm an odd nut. I'm one of those weirdo's that dress up at conventions (As seen in the picture.) I'm actually an avid video game player. (y'all should see my bookcase full of games man.) I love JRPG's to death, and spend hours playing them. But I still make time for crafting. Also an anime lover, crime tv drama enthusiast, and doodling expert. But most of all; I love the things that I make, and hope to make others happy too.

Note that since I craft so much, I really like selling. I have soooo much stock right now that I'm bursting at the seams. Order now, and you maaaay get something extra in your box.


Also feel free to ask me for commissions too. I looove doing them. I like to sew weird things that look hard but are actually fun. I do also do some props as well, but that's limited until I find a good foam cutter. :< But ask, and I will try!


Thank you!